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Since the year 2000 Metallbau Moik GmbH & Co. KG has concerned herself

around your interests and this in every regard with growing enthusiasm: At the beginning it was sufficient for Stefan Moik to set up a small workshop in the local garage to take numerous orders in Greece and France as well as in England such as in Turkey for an important customer in the area of equipment technology abroad from there. But the available place did not suffice any more soon to do justice to all requirements. The move to the commercial district Iphofen started with 2005. There arose to care about the wishes of our customers on 4.000 square metres of a hall in which already seven employees were employed in 2006 optimally.

Since we are quite conscious us of the responsibility to the support for young people, we employ three trainees currently. At present, to be able to react to increased staff need generally flexibly, we are employing 25 employees who are lent to an important customer. Four locksmith in the house as well as another four locksmiths abroad are permanent in use for our customers. All this is coordinated reliably by our office so that you can feel lifted, heard and taken seriously as a customer always well. Meanwhile, Metallbau Moik GmbH & Co. KG therefore employs 38 employees.

Our team sees to it in the area of assemblies at home and abroad, for example, that repair and maintenance works are carried out reliably to plants and machines. Our know how for larger machines and plants, such as carton Abrollstationen, organisers and belt conveyors, is for you in the field of the bespoke shapes, sure. The metal construction is ours special subject which as well covers the construction of stairs and banisters a further as the making of carport, balconies and pergolas as well as fences, yard gates and other property limitations. It goes without saying that you can also totally rely on us in the area of welding work (WAG, WIG). And also being welcome, if you need a smaller steel construction up to 12 metres, you to take us up any time. We do our best to react to each of your wishes as quickly as possible.

If you have questions, we are pleased about your making contact. You can contact us by telephone 09323/876560 or by telefax 09323/876561 or Mobil 01520 / 9859317 and natural by e-mail under With pleasure our competent service team with moral and practical support is at your disposal. As soon as you have decided in favour of us, our qualified employees will execute the work ordered by you faultlessly on schedule and technically. We must only know now what we can do for you. We look forward to your message!

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